Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb. 13th

Howdy ya'll!! Well today is the day! MY BDAY!  I just wanna start out by telling each one of you thank you.... Thank you for making me into the man I am today... I know the Lord has a plan for us and I know each of you have had a part in my life for a reason.

So today we went and played basketball in the morning and then came back to the house and ordered us some pizza! It was super good and we all were stuffed by the time it was gone! I couldn’t have picked a better thing to do for my 19th birthday!

Well I am sending a bunch of pictures today! I hope you are all doing great! LOVE YOU

PS: I have forgotten to tell you for a while now but we haven’t had power in our house for going on 5 weeks now haha! GOTTA LOVE THE DR!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What an amazing month January was!!

The lord has been working in his mysterious and marvelous ways here in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission..... We have been seeing miracle after miracle and this last month we were able to help 255 of our brothers and sisters, make the sacred covenant of baptism...   More than this mission has seen since created in 1990. And the zone that led the way was our zone, San Pedro with 35! It was truly amazing to see it take place and I could tell you stories of miracles after miracles!! I cannot express how blessed I am to be able to serve here and to have met the people I am meeting! Maileni, Isabel, Arecelis, Misiel, and Fredeli, were the 5 people from our area that got baptized! It was so cool to see each one of them take that amazing step! Also this week, we have met and started to teach the family of Maileni and Arecelis and the families of Isabel, Misiel and Fredeli are all members! That will make 5 complete families that really soon, will be able to go to the temple and be sealed!!

I love this work. I can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t matter if my leg, arm or jaw, falls off, I will continue forward... I guess you could say I caught the missionary fever...

I’ll send pics next week!!!



January 30, 2017

WOW. A week full of MIRACLES.....

So I don’t have a ton of time but to sum it up, we had 4 baptisms this week and a marriage!! We also have 1 baptism tomorrow! These 5 people are AMAZINGLY prepared! They will make perfect members of the Lord’s church and be able to strengthen this branch so much!!!

I will send pictures and more info next week!!
I love you all so much. I know this church is true. Well..... gotta go back to work!!!
10 short months down

14 even shorter to go.....