Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 27 11 months BABY!!

This week was super great! Sorry I don’t have much time today but I received a call and I will be going to a new area tomorrow! I will have a companion from Peru! And the best thing of all is that I will have POWER! haha after about 2 months without power it will be super nice to have it again..!

 Love you all so much!!! This is Araceli’s and her amazing family!



 Elder Neil L. Andersen from the 12 will be here on the 14 of March!!! Also, next week we will be going to the temple!!
P.P.S. The 28th is my 11th month mark... I can't believe it... one year mark is right around the corner... can't believe it!!!!




So this was another great week! We met even more amazing people this week! The work in our area is going a little slower now but it should be picking up this week again! So it rained on Friday and in our area, it’s all dirt roads, so you already know... MUD MUD MUD.... and to go with that, we still don’t have power so we have to wash our clothes by hand haha...SO FUN!!! Not...  Oh and Thursday we had a meeting at the church when we walked out, there was this PIG out in the road eating the garbage! and from the pic, you can’t tell but it is huge! and yes, I almost tried to ride it but it ran away squealing!

This week I received some amazing emails from people and I want to just thank you all so much! Your love and support means more than you will ever know! I know the Atonement is real, I know that God sent his son so we can CHANGE every day!  I know, when we think we have almost made it, we are wrong! We will never be perfect. But that is the goal! I love you all so much!!