Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!


Time flies.... wow its Thanksgiving and I can’t believe it!

So this week we spent contacting and chasing our tail trying to return to the people we had contacted... Lots of walking and talking as usual! But we did find some amazing people! As they continue to progress i will keep you updated!

So Thursday night, we arrived at the house at about 915, and at 920, during our daily planning, the phone rings... I answered and said hello... and on the other side it was Kendall! The guy who was baptized about 2 months ago!  He greeted me and we caught up a little, until he said, Hey, there is someone here that wants to talk to you!  I was like ok... and all of a sudden I hear, Hello Elder! In English! I was confused haha he then explained that he was the dad of Kendall’s girlfriend! They are from Provo, and they are here visiting!    I totally forgot that they were going to come!    And he went on and told me how grateful he is for me and for what I have done for his future son in law! I was shocked and all I could say is, it wasn’t me. It was the lord preparing him, and he just put me in the right place at the right time!      And we continued to talk a little more but it was great to talk to him!  Guess what!   They got married on Saturday!  They did invite us but we were unable to go!

Anyways, I had a great week and this week is going to be even better cuz we will be going to the Temple tomorrow!

I know this is HIS Church and HIS work! 



Nov 14

Today we went and visited a huge mall in the west part of the country! It was as if we were in the states again! And lately, because of the Elections in the US, EVERYONE has been asking me so many questions about it! And so I just have to tell them, well, I’m a missionary and I’m focused in that right now, I am not going to comment on anything to do with the elections..    And they just shush right up haha.... It has been super annoying, but hey, no matter what, I’m proud to be from the best country in the world!

I am so grateful for this amazing adventure i am on...  Every day is another day to make myself, my area, and the people I love better... I love taking on the fight... Sometimes the days seem so long and like they are never going to end, and then there are others that pass by in the blink of an eye. The world is corrupt and confused, but there is one thing in this world that is constant and solid. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ... He is the same yesterday, today and forever... This is his work and everyday I have the chance to share the happiness I have with other people! I challenge each of you, if you are already not doing it, to open your mouth and tell someone how happy you are and teach them why... Cuz we are EXTREMEMLY BLESSED!!



Nov 7th

Wow time just flies people! This week, we have been contacting and talking with a ton of people, looking for those that are ready to receive the truth. Friday we were walking down by the river here in Los Minas and something told us to start talking to two teenagers, so that’s what we did... It started out being a lesson, in the street, then the one kid said, ¨no lets go in my house and you can tell me more´ so that’s what we did! We entered the house and had an amazing lesson about the Restoration.... We will be returning this week to talk with them but wow what some amazing teens! Also this week we were walking by the river and saw these pigs that were seriously like the size of a cow.... HUGE... and of course I didn’t have my camera! The mission is amazing... I am learning so much every single day! I hope this message finds you well in all parts of the world! Love you all!! THIS IS HIS WORK


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween!!


 So this week has been awesome! My new comp is awesome! I think I told you guys but he is the cousin of my other comp and they came into the mission together! His name is Elder Chacon!  He’s super goofy and smart with his hands and we are a ton a like! We had a baptism yesterday and it was truly amazing! Ruddy changed his life in a blink of an eye.... Dropped alcohol so fast, no one could believe it... He told me after his baptism that this is the first full week; he has had without drinking alcohol, since he was 15.... He is now over 60.... So amazing how the lord works and how the spirit really helps and changes people for the better!

I have been cooking every day and I’m going to try to experiment more this transfer haha... I am so tempted to buy a portable air conditioner haha.. My fan broke and the mission is getting new ones next week but wow this heat sucks! So today a senior missionary couple from our mission home came to check our houses, and the sister says, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! .. I had no idea it is Halloween... Time flies guys and I am absolutely loving it here in the DR.. The days are long, but the weeks are so short! There are so many people out there waiting to hear this wonderful message and that’s what drives me even more!

So a kinda gross story for ya.... So Wednesday we were in the house of an inactive family, sharing with them and they were cooking their lunch, well, they were kind enough to share with us, so we had a prayer and began to eat, well when I was about to take the last bite of my plate, I heard a little sound from the stove, I looked over, and there was a mouse..... Running around by the stove and all the plates.... I looked at my comp and he looked at me... and we finished the food and were out of there haha....