Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hola, Happy July 24th!

 HOLA!!! what’s going on!? So this week has been very long! Elder Chandler and I have been contacting, trying to find some more people to teach. Contacting here is difficult because in the morning, people are either cleaning, cooking, or still sleeping and then in the afternoon, is when the heat hits and wow it hits hard haha! But the good thing is that IF we get into a house, they usually will give us some homemade juice or cold water haha!

Right now we have been teaching a 23 yr old guy named Richard! He's from Haiti and he knows Creol, French, and he can kinda speak Spanish, and he's learning English too! So he came to our English class! First I helped him with his English, and then he started to help me learn French! Well, let’s just say I didn’t get anything from him about French and I was super grateful for him trying to teach me but I told him that honestly right now, I need to learn how to speak Spanish haha. But he has a baptismal date for next Sunday so we will see if that pulls through!

So my Spanish is coming along! I learn so much each day, but some days it just feels like I am in a slump and I kind of get frustrated but then I just think back to how far I’ve come! I know the lord has helped me so much with the language and everything!

This week I will hit 4 months in the mission. Wow. Some days go slow because they are hard and some days fly by, but when I look back on it, these 4 months have been the best 4 months because I have learned and experienced so many things! Each second I learn something new, whether it’s Spanish, the gospel, something about myself, or something about another child of god! The Mission is amazing and I’m so happy to hear that so many of my bros back home are hitting the field!! I love you all so much and I know this is the Lords work!



French Toast, YUMMY!

This tree went down in a storm and it literally laid in the road like this for 5 days before someone removed it. Only in the DR!?

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th

Holy crap guys its July 18, and do you guys know what that means!? That means Dawson, (my brother) is now 16!! haha he is now legal.... but that also means, that the scout is in GRAVE danger, so every please watch out for him... haha no just kidding!

Anyways!!! Just another week here in the DR right now im in a city called Los Trinitarios and I found out that Albert Pujols and David Ortiz, who play in the MLB lived, and played right here close to our house! So thats pretty sweet!! 

So this week, Elder Walker, who lives in my same house, who is from Idaho, hit his 1 year mark! so we had a little party and he and I, made some Dominican Style Spaghetti, and fried plantains, that turned out to be bombbbbb! so we are pretty much authentic Dominicans already... haha just kiddin! 

Also this week, we had a great english class, teaching all ages english and trying to contact people that way and it worked great! we had like 20 people there and they were so excited to learn english! Then after the class, we went and bought, whole chickens for like 3 american dollars a piece and we chowed down!! I will send pics next week but they were cheap and freakin good!! haha sorry, all the really exciting stuff is about food but you guys all know I love food already! 

We were going to have  another sports activity because it worked so well but it fell but this next week thats the plan again!! 

I just want to give a big shout out to all the buddies back home or in the MTC! SO proud of you all and cant wait to see all you guys success! Welcome to the greatest field we will ever play on!!! LOVE YOU ALL! 

I know the church is true! i know this is his church, and he guides us! and I know that joseph smith restored the gospel for us to share with all these wonderful people!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! 



Monday, July 11, 2016


How’s everyone back home doing!?!? Everything is chill here in the DR! TIME FLIES wow I can’t believe how fast times goes and that it’s almost football season again and that there are already a bunch of my friends in the MTC!! SOOO sweet!!

So this week, we had an intercambio with the Zone Leaders and it was bomb! I went with an Elder from Honduras and we were in his area for a couple days and I learned a ton! It was really fun to try out another area and learn how other missionaries teach too!

This week in our area, we have been looking for some new investigators and trying to find those ready to receive the gospel! Elder Chandler and I have been getting along great haha and having a bunch of fun! Especially this Saturday we had a great activity at the church with a ton of investigators and members! We played basketball, baseball, and all sorts of other games and it was such a success and we found so many potential investigators that we might just have to do it next week! Anyways, the mission is awesome and I love it!! The lord blesses us every day, we just need to look around for it! I love you all and I’m sorry my letter is short!! Just know I’m doing good and serving the Lord!


PS  Guys hit me up!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


HAPPY 4TH!!!! Dang I love the 4th of July!! We are dang lucky to live where we live!! Anyways enough of that patriotic stuff..... 

This week was really good!! We got to go to the temple!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE. The session was totally in spanish and  I actually understood it all! Also this week has been kinda slow in the mission work! This area was booming about 2 months ago and now there is nothing and so we are just contacting from door to door trying to find those that are ready to come unto Christ! The work isnt easy but its so worth it!! My comp Elder Chandler is awesome and he has taught me so much more spanish already! Its super fun having 4 in the house too! It's a little harder to go to bed on time but its fun! Sorry I dont have a ton of time today but I will try to be better next week!! I love you all and I am so greatful for all the prayers sent my way!



New Apartment in New Area

Temple Day!

Elder Durrant and new companion Elder Chandler


Elder Durrant after his morning workout
Elder Koerper and Elder Durrant's last day as companions