Monday, April 10, 2017


Well the highlight of this week was definitely conference!! And this time I got to watch it in English! What an amazing blessing it is to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today! And this conference I just learned about the simplicity of the truth in the gospel! It’s so easy that even an 8 year old can understand it! I loved each talk and could write you a book about what else I learned but I will let you all ponder and pray about what you learned!

So we have been teaching a Mom and her 4 children and they are so amazing! They came to the chapel to watch conference on Saturday! And during the conference, the mom asked my comp. for a paper and his pen to write notes and she continued the whole session writing notes!!! They are such a smart, humble family that god has led us to!

Next week is transfers! So we will see what happens!

Hope all is well at home! I have now completed 1 year in this amazing country and that means I will only have 1 left.... I can’t explain the love I have for this country! But as Elder Bednar said, it doesn’t matter where you are called, all that matters is that you are called to SERVE....

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